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We have maintained our decoys, some very rare antiques, ephemera and 1st edition fiction.  You can call and make an appointment to see what we have available or you can go to E-bay under verdeantiquesandrarebooks.

Ginny and Ray


Antiques & Collectibles

     Those of you who are “old hands” at collecting and selling know that there is a great deal of overlap between antiques and collectibles. Usually, the only difference is the age of the item(s) so that most of the categories listed will have both antiques and collectibles within them.

Vintage and Rare Books

     Our display and storage areas have made us eschew buying and selling books whose primary use is for reading purposes. Our inventory includes very good to fine condition First Editions as well as early rarities. We also frequently purchase to satisfy current customers’ known interests. If you have questions, please contact us.

Appraisal Services

     We can provide appraisals for insurance, donations, estate distribution or other purposes unique to the client. Our advantage is that Ray is a generalist who can appraise most items and thereby limit the number of specialist appraisers necessary to handle a broad inventory estate. He also has relationships with specialists if detailed expertise is required.

For more information please call us at 1 609-548-1516 or email us at:

Ray's Column

     Local newspapers have given us nearly unlimited space to help educate readers regarding the methods by which they can understand the vagaries of the buying and selling process in ways that can allow “equal footing” when interacting with dealers and auction houses. Each column tries to give tips for varying types of material.
     The idea for Ray’s columns was the result of questions that customers have repetitively asked. At one of our local “roadshows” that we did, a member of the audience suggested that the presentation was so interesting and useful that we should consider sharing the information and insight with others. To date, there have been many columns written by Ray and published in local newspapers.
     The purpose has been to help ordinary people who want to buy and sell items understand various ABCs and their values. Please click on any or all of the columns and we hope they can make you a more knowledgeable buyer and/or seller.
     All columns are copyrighted and may not be reproduced for other than a single reading without written permission.

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Refund policy:  Full refund, less shipping, will be given only if item is not as described and returned within 7 days in original condition.


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